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What is Exceller Meal®?

Exceller Meal® is an all-natural, expeller pressed soybean meal produced by mechanical processing soybeans without the use of hexane, solvents, or chemicals. The highly digestible protein makes it an ingredient of choice by nutritionists when formulating diets for high producing dairy cows. Exceller Meal® has been scientifically tested to meet or exceed performance standards of other nationally recognized solvent and mechanical extracted soybean meal products.


What makes soybean products a preferred feed source?

Soybeans are an excellent source of protein, essential amino acids and other valuable nutrients. Soybean meal, such as Exceller Meal®, provides protein and energy to feed rations. Soybean meal that has been properly heat-treated will provide additional rumen undegradable protein (RUP), also known as bypass protein. High producing livestock such as dairy cows often require higher RUP to increase or maintain their productivity. 

Exceller Meal® consistently maintains 65-70% RUP, and the total tract digestibility averages 90%. In side by side testing, our mechanical process has consistently delivered more intestinally digestible protein compared to the chemical process, providing the cow with more nutrients to produce more milk. 


Where can I find Exceller Meal®?

Quality Roasting currently has 3 facilities producing Exceller Meal® across the midwest. See the above locations tab for more information.  We ask farmers to check with your local feed dealer before reaching out to us directly. 


Do you have organic options available?

Yes! Our facility in Michigan produces an organic organic poultry and swine feed. Please contact us for more information. 


Can I sell you my soybeans?

Yes! Give us a call at (920)779-9279


Do you have any additional safety or quality certifications?

Yes! All Quality Roasting facilities are part of the Safe Feed Safe Food program. Click the image to learn more.


Anything else I should know?

We implement an exchange program which is unique from our competitors. We have the ability to accept raw beans, take a percentage of shrink, and give the customer a finished product. This is an option for suppliers, grain elevators, and their dairy farmers customers who produce and store soybeans. Ask your local supplier or grain elevator to contact us about the benefits of using an exchange program.