Exceller Meal®

Nutrient Profile*

CategoryD.M.AS FED
Dry Matter100.0089.00
Crude Protein47.342.10
Fat %6.966.20
Fiber %6.525.8
Acid Detergent (ADF) %8.07.20
Neutral Detergent (NDF) %17.6115.5
Calcium %.27.24
Net Energy Lactation, MC AL/LB1.03.92
Net Energy Gain, MCAL/LB.73.63
Net Energy Maintenance, MCAL/LB1.05.94
Undegraded Protein %28.4325.3
Bypass Protein %63.063.0
Lysine %3.062.72
Methionine %.71.62
Cystine %.72.64
Tryptophan %.62.55
Threonine %1.951.71
Isoleucine %2.231.96
Histidine %1.351.19
Valine %2.302.04
Leucine %3.823.36
Arginine %3.623.18
Phenylalanine %2.572.26
Glycine %2.141.88
Choline %.07.061
Sodium %.02.017
Potassium %2.201.94
Magnesium %.29.255
Sulfur %.36.32
Manganese PPM31.527.7
Iron PPM127112
Copper PPM15.513.6
Zinc PPM52.346
Ash %6.445.76
Nonstructural Carbohydrates22.3719.69
Sugar %11.910.5
Starch %1.981.74
TDN % estimated87.076.6

*Laboratory Data and NRC (2001) Data

Exceller Meal® is a high bypass, highly digestible soybean meal.

Heat and friction during the mechanical processing of roasted soybeans produces our Exceller Meal®.

Exceller Meal® provides by-pass proteins and amino acids without a high oil content.

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