Quality Roasting, Inc. was established in 1991 to meet the need and high demand for high quality soybean products in cattle diets. Our original roasting facility was built with 4,000 bushel of storage space. Today we have grown to over 2.5M bushel of storage space and employ more than 40 employees between our three facilities in Wisconsin and Michigan.

In 2000, we developed Exceller Meal®, an expeller soybean meal product that is high in by-pass protein. Exceller Meal® is the ingredient choice of dairy nutritionists and producers when formulating diets for high producing dairy cows. Exceller Meal® has been scientifically tested to meet or exceed performance standards of other nationally recognized soybean meal products.

In addition to superior products, convenience and savings, we provide professional marketing services to local producers and manufacturers. Our forward contracting program guarantees producer pricing and ensures the quality and timeliness of product deliveries. We also custom process soybeans and trade raw soybeans for processed soybeans.