Celebrating June Dairy Month at Quality Roasting Inc

Celebrating June Dairy Month at Quality Roasting Inc.: A Salute to Our Farmers

As we welcome June Dairy Month, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the farmers who make it all possible. June is the month where we celebrate cows, cheese, and ice cream, but let’s not forget the grain farmers who work hard to feed those much-loved cows! Thanks to your long hours in the fields, we can keep doing what we do best at Quality Roasting by providing high quality feed ingredients to our dairy industry. So, here’s a big thank you to all our local farmers.

We’re eager to share some important updates that will help us better meet the growing needs of our local farmers and customers. Firstly, the construction of an additional soybean processing site in Reedsville, WI is projected to be completed mid-July 2024. Currently, 400,000 bushels of raw soybean storage is available in Reedsville, with plans to double this storage later this year. The mill will have the capability of processing about 350 tons of soybeans each day, with the capacity to store about 900 tons of finished soybean meal (Exceller Pro).

Secondly, we’re now processing high oleic soybeans. These soybeans have specific genetics providing a higher content of oleic acid compared to regular soybeans. This makes them particularly beneficial for dairy cows, as high oleic soybeans have been shown to help increase the milk fat in dairy production. Integrating high oleic soybeans into our operations is part of our ongoing effort to support more productive and sustainable dairy farming. By choosing an Exceller feed ingredient by Quality Roasting you can focus on what you do best and leave the complex soybean processing to us.

These updates are designed to better support our growing and changing industry. Our new facilities and additional storage capabilities aim to provide more resources to our farming community. Quality Roasting remains a proud, local, family owned, and operated business. We are grateful for your unwavering support, and we extend our appreciation to all the farmers whose hard work drives our collective progress.

Please contact 920-775-9279 or visit our website www.qualityroasting.com with any questions regarding selling your soybeans or receiving more information about our feed products.

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