Soybean Purchasing & Discount Schedule


Your soybeans will be weighed and sampled upon arrival to our facilities. Soybeans are moisture tested, test weight checked, and checked for foreign matter.

Drying charges:

A drying charge of $0.10 per bu starts at 15% moisture, then an additional charge of $.02 per bu per ½ point of moisture over 15%.


A 1% discount per ½ point of moisture from 13.0 to 15.0. Shrink of 1.5% discount per ½ point of moisture from 15.1 to 20.0%.

Test Weight:

A $0.03 per lb when less than 54.

Foreign material:

Foreign material: over 1% expressed to the nearest tenth of a point. Green and other colors: over 1 but less than 5, 1% per point. Over 5 but less than 10, 2% per point. Over 10, subject to rejection


Charges are $0.05 per bu per month. Non-roasted storage soybeans will be shrunk 0.5% to account for dry matter loss.

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13.1-13.5 1%
13.6-14.0 2%
14.1-14.5 3%
14.6-15.0 4%
15.1-15.5 5.5% 0.1
15.6-16.0 7% 0.12
16.1-16.5 8.5% 0.14
16.6-17.0 10% 0.16
Beans over 17% moisture are subject to rejection
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No Treated Soybeans

Quality Roasting, Inc. cannot emphasize strong enough how growers must have dedicated equipment for treated seed; referring to trailers, wagons, trucks, or any other equipment you may use for your seed. Dedicated seed equipment must never, ever be used to haul grain. The risk to the grower is extremely high. It just takes one treated soybean in a load to reject the entire load. You will be held responsible for any storage bin that treated soybean would be transferred to.

This is not a situation Quality Roasting, Inc. ever wants to experience with one of our growers.

Please use dedicated equipment for your treated seed and NEVER haul any grain with your dedicated equipment. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office.